Sally Dunne Foodstylist

Sally Dunne has been a professional foodstylist since 1992.

She initially trained as a photographer's assistant during which time she realised that food preparation and presentation were her main areas of interest. In 1991 she completed the Ballymaloe Cookery School diploma course under the tutelage of Darina Allen. Following this, Sally worked with Johnny Cooke in his acclaimed Cookes Restaurant.

It was then she decided to combine her cooking skills with her knowledge of photography and pursue a career in food styling and with this in mind she attended the Culinary Art College in New York in 1996. On her return she quickly found herself working with Ireland's leading photographers, building a strong portfolio of work and establishing herself as the country's busiest foodstylist, with a growing list of clients in advertising, editorial, packaging, TV and film.

This website is dedicated to the memory of Sally's father, Kevin Dunne.